A Personalized Approach


Classes rely on the communicative method whose main objective is to allow the participants to develop language skills through real life situations and learn French in a more practical way.

Working in small groups is essential. The teacher is more responsive and can quickly identify the needs of each person. In addition, each participant has enough speaking time, work is more effective and progress is usually faster. Of course, you also can take private lessons and work at your own pace.

Two aspects of the French language are covered: conversational French and formal French.

You can attend a two-hour lesson per week. Some people learn fast whereras others need more time. For each person or small group, I choose the best teaching materials including books (on French grammar and vocabulary), newspaper articles, adverts or novel excerpts...

Setting clear objectives is necessary to help you succeed. Here are some examples of skills that you will be able to develop. They are classified in order of difficulty. Teaching choices are made according to your priorities and your level.

Conversational French

  • Phonetics: French pronunciation
  • To master the vocabulary used in one’s immediate environment: town, home, administration
  • To gain confidence and be able to hold a casual conversation
  • To introduce oneself and one’s close relations, to talk about one’s projects
  • To express one’s opinions (on a film, an exhibition...)
  • To express oneself by using formal language (vocabulary, expressions...)

Formal French

  • Phonetics: French pronunciation
  • To introduce oneself and one’s close relations, to talk about one’s projects
  • To analyse a written document ( a press article, a literary excerpt...) and answer questions about it
  • To express one’s point of view in a structured way
  • To express oneself by using formal language in a professional setting
  • To write emails and correspondence in French (expressions, vocabulary)

In any case, whether your objective is to be able to express yourself on a daily basis or to prepare an exam (DELF, DALF), genuine participation is necessary if you want to have a good command of French. Personal work is also essential.

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