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 Today, thanks to the Internet we can communicate easily with people on the other side of the world. Text messaging and emails are an inexpensive  and  immediate  way  to  keep  in touch with family and friends. However,  for  special occasions, handwritten notes have a certain charm that emails cannot replace. Indeed, your handwriting not only shows your personality but also creates an impression on the reader. The type of paper, the envelope  and  so many  other  little  details   make  your  letter  unique.


Treat  yourself  to  a  lovely  souvenir  of  France

 If  you  would like to add  a  French  touch  to  your  everyday  life,  attend  a workshop ! You will  learn  the basics of French penmanship  by using traditional techniques. I will give you a lovely notebook, so you will be able to practice during the workshop and whenever you want.

I will customize it personally according to your wishes : Your favourite colors, the design you like...



At the beginning of the class, I will show you all the letterforms. Then you will be able to develop your personal style and produce your own pieces.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see that capital letters are especially stylish and elegant. I will answer all your questions and and give you useful learning tips.

French penmanship takes  patience and concentration. It is a  calming,  relaxing  hobby  that  everyone can  practice. Furthermore, it is gratifying because you can create something both useful and pretty.


I guarantee you:

- Your notebook  is  personalized and unique.

- I write down all the letterforms in your notebook myself. I believe that nothing compares to the delicacy of letterforms written by hand.

- I use French traditional techniques, materials and supplies.



Enjoy  making  very  special  gifts

 There  are  good  reasons to discover and enjoy the pleasures of French penmanship : announcements,  invitations,  menu cards,  greeting  cards... Do you have an idea ? A special wish ? Just  let  me  know  and  I will  be  glad  to  help  you  create  your  own  customized  piece. You can write by hand your favourite poem, using French traditional techniques,  to make the perfect birthday gift. Your own words can even be translated into French  to  make your letter look  more  romantic.

Fountain  pens  or  nib holders, nibs and different colors of ink  will  be  provided  as  well  as  decoration  elements. (If  you  prefer  using  your own  nib holder or fountain pen,  you  can  bring  that  to  the  workshop  to  try  out.)








  If you would like to schedule a workshop during your stay in Paris, please do not hesitate to contact me. The sessions will take place in a location of your choice. 





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