An enriching experience

Whether you are interested in French artists or writers, French history or cuisine you are welcome ! 

Supporting  access  to  French culture has  always  been a key element of my teaching style and I have been enjoying teaching the history of France  for over 14 years.

Attending outings  will motivate you. The best way to really improve your French  conversational  skills  is  to  use  the  language as much as possible  in  real  life  situations. It  is an opportunity   to  improve your fluency   and  enrich  your  vocabulary.

Outings and activities are open to all. Whatever your level, you can rely on me and  participate actively. It  takes courage to learn  a  new language and  my  goal  as  a  teacher  is  to  help  you  relax  and  feel  more  confident.

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