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As an experienced French  teacher, I  have  been  working  for  the Ministère de l' Éducation Nationale  for 14 years. I have solid experience in teaching French, especially  phonetics  and  grammar.  I have worked in various environments where my ability to adapt to new audiences has become key over the years. Taking  into consideration the culture and specific needs of each individual is essential to me to ensure the proper functioning of my class.

With a Master’s  degree  in  Foreign  Languages, Literatures and Civilizations , I can speak English as often as needed, especially if you are a beginner. Actually, I have studied English literature at university. I have always regarded diversity as a source of richness and I’m certainly aware that teaching French as a Foreign Language requires distinguishing qualifications. In my opinion, open-mindedness, receptiveness, availability and adaptability  are key elements for good quality teaching.


When I created Mon Salon Français, the idea was to seek favourable conditions to teach the language of Molière: well-structured classes within a friendly and pleasant environment. Indeed, at Mon Salon Français  enjoy a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. My lessons are fun and you won't get bored. I am welcoming and I have sense of humor ! Obviously, with such a family name...                 


                                                                                                                       Sabine Ndjamegoueng                                                                    



If  you  have  any  further  questions,  please  feel  free  to  contract  me : Mon Salon Français

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